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Avastin Lawsuits: Providing Legal Help and Resources from those effected from side effects of the drug Avastin.

Avastin is a controversial breast cancer drug that was originally approved by the FDA to treat metastatic colon cancer. Since 2004, the use of Avastin widened in scope to treat other cancers such as breast, lung, kidney, and brain cancer. Despite the very expensive cost associated with Avastin (a year's worth of Avastin treatment could cost you $100,000 per year) it has been one of the most popular experimental cancer drugs of the last quarter century.

Avastin and Breast Cancer

In early 2011 the FDA reported that it would removed "breast cancer" indications from the Avastin label due the risks of Avastin side effects. In the FDA report they submitted a list of Avastin Side effects including: blindness, bleeding, severe high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, perforations in the body, infection of the soft tissue. For breast cancer there was some evidence that the drug was useful in slowing the cancer, but no evidence that it improved the quality of life. The drug

Avastin is still approved for use for breast cancer in some specific countries.

Avastin Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh-eating disease)

In 2013 Hoffmann-La Roche announced Avastin was tied to 52 cases of Necrotizing Fasciitis or "flesh eating disease". Of those 52 flesh eating diseases that may have been caused by Avastin, 17 proved fatal. Some of those patients that suffered from Necrotizing Fasciitis were being treated with Avastin for colorectal cancer. It appears that Necrotizing Fasciitis occurred in patients with a weakened immune system. FDA issued a label concerning the fleshing easting disease side effect. A statement from Genentech read in regards to the updated label was to provide "new information to help patients and doctors make informed treatment decisions." Later in the year the FDA added a label noting an increased risk of infertility for premenopausal women using Avastin. There have been reportedly a handful of Avastin lawsuits schedule to be filed.

Necrotizing Fasciitis is a rare infection of the skin and tissue that spreads extremely quickly throughout the body. The flesh eating disease is treated with high does of antibiotics. Typically one would get Necrotizing Fasciitis from eating uncooked meat, exposure to sewage sludge or using dirty needles. Necrotizing Fasciitis has been called a flesh eating disease but it's actually toxins that are released that destroys the skin and muscles. Symptoms of the "flesh eating disease" included pain, fever and irritation.

Avastin For Eye Disease

There have also been reports of pharmacies repackaging Avastin injections which for eye disease. This repackaging has reportedly lead to an outbreak of eye infection and possibly blindness. These outbreaks occurred in Florida, California and Tennessee. This repackaged Avastin was used in syrniges to treat patients with macular degeneration. However when repackaging this Avastin the injections became contaminated with bacteria. There are potentially enough of these cases generated from this contamination to create an Avastin Class Action lawsuit, but that can not be confirmed at current time.

In March 13, the FDA issued a warning that a company in Georgia was repackaging these unapproved Avastin syringes and issues an Avastin Recall. The recalled Avastin could lead to eye infection and ultimately lead to blindness. Avastin became popular for eye treatment due to it's significant cost savings compared to other eye treatments. The Department of Veterans Affairs suspended use of Avastin for eye conditions in 2011.

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